Honeydew is being co-raised by Corrine and Catherine. When Honeydew is with Catherine she lives with her yellow lab Jack and accompanies her to work at Guide Dogs. When she is with the Hiraclides family she resides with their 4 children and career change yellow lab Dakota. Honeydew will be 7 months old on August 5th. 

Story submitted by Catherine:

"Honeydew is a dog who likes to walk herself so I frequently have to take her leash out of her mouth. Of course it’s very cute but I realize it may get her in trouble when she goes into training so I diligently remove it with a smile and a twinkle in my eye.  Once while walking her and Jack into the dorm to go to work I removed it from her mouth and she reached up and grabbed his. Another time I wondered what she’d do so at 9PM with an empty hallway I dropped it in the dorm and she just proudly walked right by me carrying her own leash just pleased as punch that she was walking herself. Of course I picked the leash back up before exiting the building.

Yesterday I was getting ready to leave home to go to work and had leashes on both dogs.  I was at the front door and realized I forgot something so I dropped the leashes and left them standing there waiting. When I looked up after retrieving my item Honeydew had taken Jack’s leash about 16 inches from his collar and was walking him around my tiny apartment. Jacks’ Martingale collar was snug around his neck and he had a dumfounded look  but was just following whatever direction she decided they should be going. My cell phone camera was in the car! Too bad!"

One small step for dog, one giant leap for dog kind! Yellow lab Jack makes history when he allows Honeydew in his crate. Jack never lets anyone in his crate! This photo was taken at the Guide Dog's dormitory, where Catherine works as a nurse.


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