The best way to learn more about puppy raising is to attend one of our bi-monthly Saturday meetings. Here you will meet the club leaders, raisers, puppies, and learn about our Guide Dog training techniques. You will also get to practice handling dogs. Before receiving a puppy to raise, we ask puppy raisers to attend three puppy classes plus regular meetings and a Guide Dogs graduation (visit their website for graduation dates). After a house visit by one of our leaders, prospective puppy raisers puppysit other dogs in the club to get a better idea of the program. Raisers are also given a Puppy Raising Manuel which goes over caring for your puppy, training, socialization, health, and more. If you decide puppy raising is the thing for you, you will be assigned a puppy upon completion of the puppy raising application and these requirements.

  • Regularly attend 80% of club meetings and outings
  • All members of household must be committed to raising a puppy
  • Raisers must be at least nine years old, with parental support
  • Provide a safe living environment for the pup
  • Keep the dog on-leash at all times unless in a safe, enclosed area
  • Use GDB approved training techniques when working with your puppy
  • Meet with leaders and community field representatives to discuss your dog's progress

Can't raise a puppy now but want to be involved? We encourage you to attend meetings and puppy sit until you can puppy raise. There are also other ways to be involved with Guide Dogs- as a breeder keeper or foster care provider, to name a few.

Go to to learn more.

We'd love to have you join us!

email club leader Sharon Kret at if you are interested in attending a meeting

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